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IMC 2022
  Problems & Solutions

Ivan the Confessor's Pichicateo Prizes

to the Most Efficient Team Leaders

TeamMembersPoints before complaintsPoints after complaintsAchievement
Israeli national team6433513+80 points
St. Petersburg State University6430491+61 points
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology7376430+54 points
Yerevan State University4175197+22 points
Belarusian State University497117+20 points
Higher School of Economics6246266+20 points
Universidad de Cantabria14060+20 points
Universität Bonn6228247+19 points
Utrecht University6216235+19 points
Adam Mickiewicz University16380+17 points
Lomonosov Moscow State University5194211+17 points
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro3103120+17 points
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens4133149+16 points
Universiteit Leiden5200216+16 points
Eötvös Loránd University5241256+15 points
Radboud University Nijmegen2114128+14 points
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki5114125+11 points
ITMO University5153164+11 points
Isfahan University of Technology56677+11 points
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro13950+11 points
BarcelonaTech5227236+9 points
University of Tartu499108+9 points
University of Amsterdam10325333+8 points
University of Warwick58088+8 points
Eindhoven University of Technology24552+7 points
Politehnica of Bucharest7147154+7 points
Sharif University of Technology 5248255+7 points
University of Buenos Aires12229+7 points
National University of Uzbekistan29399+6 points
National team of Colombia4135141+6 points
University of Moratuwa48490+6 points
American University of Armenia 33237+5 points
IME, Rio de Janeiro8225230+5 points
Jagiellonian University4114119+5 points
Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University11621+5 points
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv4146151+5 points
Nazarbayev University68084+4 points
The University of Leeds11317+4 points
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mèxico4142146+4 points
University of Cambridge297101+4 points
University of Zagreb6174178+4 points
NTNU398101+3 points
Kazakhstan Branch of Moscow State University24346+3 points
University of Goettingen397100+3 points
University of Ostrava23942+3 points
University of Vienna5154157+3 points
Aalto University32628+2 points
Delft University of Technology27375+2 points
Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica8201203+2 points
University of Primorska31618+2 points
Ecole Polytechnique4110111+1 points
Charles University4155156+1 points
Ferdowsi University of Mashad13738+1 points
Nanyang Technological University34647+1 points
Novosibirsk State University7142143+1 points
Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje189+1 points
Universidad Autonoma De Madrid3102103+1 points
Universidad Oviedo101+1 points
Universidad de Costa Rica48687+1 points