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IMC 2024
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31st IMC 2024

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

5th August - 11th August 2024



London’s Global University

This year's competition will be hosted by the American University in Bulgaria. It will take place in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 5 August - 11 August 2024.

Traditionally every participating university sends several students and one or more Team Leaders. Individual students and teams of students, with or without a Team Leader, that do not represent any university are also welcome. Each Team Leader is expected to hold an academic position in some university level institution and participate in the marking of the work of all participants.

The competition is planned for students completing their first, second, third or fourth year of university education with a maximum age of participants being 23 years of age at the time of the competition, although some exceptions can be made. There is no minimum age limit. Problems are from the fields of Algebra, Analysis (Real and Complex), Geometry and Combinatorics. The working language is English.

This is a residential competition and a condition of participation is that all participating students stay in the Hall of Residence provided by the organisers. Over the past twenty seven competitions we have had participants from over two hundred institutions from over fifty countries.

Selection of the Problems
The problems are chosen at the Meeting of the Jury from those received in advance by the President of the Jury, Professor John Jayne.

The students' work is evaluated by Team Leaders and other Professors and Assistant Professors using criteria provided by the Jury.

Although this is an individual event, the Universities traditionally divide their participants into groups of four each. The number of students in the teams is, however, not fixed.

IMC Focus
The International Mathematics Competition (IMC) is dedicated to offering university-aged mathematics students a unique opportunity. It fosters an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment where participants can engage in challenging competitions, forge friendships with fellow mathematicians worldwide, and explore global employment prospects for those with mathematical expertise.
The IMC extends a warm welcome to all university-level mathematics students and their respective institutions. Independent of any governmental support or influence, the IMC maintains a neutral stance on national and international political conflicts and wars.
Committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, the IMC does not discriminate based on factors such as skin colour, ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs, or political affiliations. We uphold a code of conduct that emphasises mutual respect and encourages a collaborative and friendly learning atmosphere.

IMC Ethics Committee

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30th IMC Photo Galleries

Opening Ceremony
Huawei Barbecue Party
Closing Ceremony

IMC Challenge powered by Huawei

The IMC Challenge powered by Huawei is an international program jointly initiated by Huawei and the International Mathematics Competition for University Students (IMC). This program gives math enthusiasts the opportunity to tackle real-world math problems faced by the industry, builds bridges between theoretical research in mathematics and the industry, and provides a platform for the exchange of ideas. The Challenge covers three problems and will be released one by one and have its own reward plan. The Problems A and B of the Challenge are closed. The last Problem - Problem C “Multi-Parameter Wireless Network Optimization Based on Coverage Simulation” will be released on 23rd April. Seize the chance to win a big prize!

For more information about the Challenge and registration please view the Challenge’s website:

Please see the 'Introduction Video' for Problem C, which is available on these links:
X (Twitter)